Choux Pastry Research by Steven

Profiterole is a type of dessert made by light pastry dough which are butter, eggs, water and flour. Profiterole usually fills of whipped cream, custard, ice cream or even different type of meat and vegetables. It commonly got top up with chocolate, icing sugar and dust of icing powder.In this picture, the dessert is set up in a very nice way, each profiterole got dip with a little chocolate on top with all the white crossing line , the contrast in colors has made the dessert more pretty and catched looking. If i'm selling profiterole at school cafeteria it will be a great idea. I will divide the profiterole into portion, 3-4 pieces on one plate, the plate will be decorated with chocolate sauce and fruit slices.
Croquembouche is French dessert which is consisting a lot of profiteroles got pile into a cone shape and top up with caramel around it.The picture appearance really catches the customer looking with the shiny of the caramel and also the caramel on the cake and the sugar line around the cone make it looks even more tasty . The topping color and the cake color are compatible with the brown and yellow. If i would serve this dessert in school cafeteria it would be put in a muffin bake cup with 3 stands and 1 on top with caramell top around it
Paris Brest is a type of French dessert. It is the combination of choux pastry and praline flavoured cream in between (praline is made of nuts and sugar, sometimes cream is the third ingredient). This image has a unique decorate with nut and white chocolate on the top slice pastry which makes it looks more crunchy. The praline cream also got piled to show the curving that even make the dessert more pretty. If this dessert got sell in the cafeteria i would remove the white chocolte and top up with some caramel intead

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