A sneak peek of school canteen vendors daily routines Alp group (MEyliana, Rachel, lu yang, shu ting)


Our Alp group wants to show appreciation to the canteen vendors of Bishan Park Secondary School. Singapore is considered as a food paradise to everyone. We have our unique cuisines to thank as well as canteen vendors who prepare us fantastic food during school hours. In order to show appreciation for their hard work, our group members have chosen this topic to do our research. In order to make our presentation of the subject matter clearer, we need to know more about how the canteen vendors first started their shop in the school and the reason for choosing our school to open their shop. We also need to know how they operate their shop in a daily basis and how they decide what to cook/prepare on that particular day. We aim to show appreciation to the canteen vendors by telling our audience how hard they work just to prepare food for us daily. Usually, no one really appreciates canteen vendors because they tend to be ignored by students and staff of the school. In this Alp, we will be highlighting some aspects of how the vendors work very hard in a daily basis, food ingredients and food served (food served are healthy according to the healthy plate), canteen vendors wear caps and aprons to ensure hygiene of food, canteen vendors serving food to students with a big smile showing how friendly and welcoming they are and also many students queuing for the food (canteen vendors are quite busy serving us food daily). We hope that after viewing our project, students and staff can learn to appreciate the canteen vendors and be more kind and grateful towards them as they put in effort to cook the food for us. Sometimes even just saying thank you to them after a meal may make their day.

Uncle has to come to school as early as 6.20am just to prepare and cook the best food for Bishan Park Secondary School's students. He is one of our hardworking school canteen vendors.
Our school canteen vendor provides a variety of food and they contain nutrients from grains, fresh meat/egg, and vegetables. They are also hygienic as they provide a spoon for each food tray.
Long queues are formed in front of the most popular stall in the canteen, Oriental Flavours, during recess. It takes quite a few minutes to buy the food students want. However, because of the appetizing and tasty food, they are patient enough to wait.
Every morning, the uncle will decide what to cook for the day. Since the most popular selling noodles is usually the meehoon, he will cook it everyday the first thing in the morning.
All of our stall vendors are always amusing and very friendly to their customers. This image shows one of the vendors in the Snack Delights stall promoting his Pau to our photo journalist.
While the snack delight store provides packaged foods that have the 'healthier choice' stamp on them, the uncle tries to provide us foods that are easy to carry in our bags, but still are categorized in healthy choices, unlike other packaged food.
The Frutti Fiesta stall is one of the only two stalls that are still operating after school hours. The image shows one of the stall vendors in this stall tidying up the fruits and cutlery before leaving.
Healthy drinks such as non fat yogurt, homemade grass jelly and barley are sold at this fruit and drinks stall. They are all sold at a reasonable price for students and staff to purchase and the stall also accepts ezlink payments made by students without cash.

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