Week in Review April 5 to April 9

Wednesday April 5 with Nat

This morning we met at Fuller's Bridge, Chatswood West. We had a super sunny trek out and back. Lots of bird-life to see and hear, steam rising off the wet wood and even a red belly snake slithered across our path on our return journey!

Girls kept up an incredibly fast pace interwoven with step ups, squats, push-ups and balancing calf squats along the way.

Totally amazing morning which set the tone for a perfect day.

Thursday April 6 with Rozzie

A stunning morning for our Thursday session! Lane Cove National Park where we timed ourselves from the weir to de burghs bridge! Aim was for under an hour! 58 minutes achieved!

Then our intervals 10 x each on 2 sets of stairs got our heart rates up!! Arabesque practise for core and glute activation and for that pose on the top of a mountain!

Over the bridge to walk back on the other side of the river. The river was too high to cross after all the rain. So the challenge after a quick morning tea under a rocky outcrop with a local water dragon was to repeat the timed river walk back changing the lead every 8 minutes. We returned in 56 minutes!! Girls happy and energised!

Sunday 9th April with Rozzie

Sunday sessions always so stunning!

Long Reef Beach was a stunner! So awesome to be out there.

Sand dunes, ramps, sand walking, stairs and body weight exercises was what we worked on.

We mixed this gorgeous location with a fun run, dog walkers, a live band and people out there enjoying the freshness of a new day!

The weather was perfect, our group excited to be out in nature, feeling the negative ions that are positive to us!

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