Values/Beliefs the cold war was shown in culture through music....movies..... television.. and other media as well as sports and social beliefs and behavior a malor part of the Cold War is the threat of nuclear war... another was was called the living room war because people would sit and watch the war on TV.

Tactics of vietnam war......

HOMEFRONT......The people of America were very unsupportive of the veitnam war. The nation had just started to calm down from the aftermath of the second world war. Citizens did not support the draft and they believed that it was morally and politically wrong for the united states to be involved in vietnamese affairs this oppositions caused an outbreak of riots anti-war organizations and tension between citizens themselves.

Music has always kept company with American wars during the revolutionary war “yankee doodle” and many other songs set to reels and dances were sung to keep spirits alive during dark hours.... ...... In 1918, in the middle of ww1 Irving berlin gave us “god bless america” considered by many to be the unofficial anthem of the united states composers such as marc blitzstein and samuel barber were enlisted to write upbeat songs for the office of war information during ww2

The theory emphasized on the importance of South vietnam in the effort to prevent the spread of communism throughout the world we assumed that if south vietnam fell to communism southeast asia then new zealand australia and even Japan would follow and thus communism would soon become a threat to the national security.....we then used propoganda

There were protests here in US and vietnam....people just didnt wanna fight.....the protests were part of a movement in opposition to the vietnam war and took place mainly in the united states.

Media had A lot too do with the war media coverage of the War. The vietnam war was one of the most publicized wars in all of American history thosands watched on their television as walter cronkite and other news anchors showed film and photographs of american and south vietnamese soldiers fighting the vietcong

Since the mid-1980s through the doi moi reform period vietnam has made a shift from a highly centralized planned economy to a mixed economy that uses both directive and indicative planning through five-year plans. Over that period, the economy has experienced rapid growth. In the twenty-first century, Vietnam is in a period of being integrated into the global economy. Almost all Vietnamese enterprises are small and medium.

The politics of the socialist republic of vietnam are defined by a single-party socialist republic where the president of vietnam is the head of state and the prime inister of vietnam is the head of government, in a one-party system led by the communist party of Vietnam. Executive power is exercised by the government and the president of vietnam. Legislative power is vested in the national assembly of vietnam The Judiciary is independent of the executive the parliament adopted the current Constitution of Vietnam its fifth on 28 November 2013

Draft......On December 1, 1969, the selective service system of the united states conducted two lotteries to determine the order of call to military service in the Vietnam War for men born from 1944 to 1950. these men had no choice inless they were in school or disabled

Familys got split up after the draft so the mother had a job that a man would usually do. she had to parent and support well the men were off at war

Re integration into society... these soliders came back with baggage such as PTSD or disability. it was hard for them to find jobs and re mesh with the rest of society that has changed so much while they were gone..

Equality. this had a lot too do with how many chances women and non whites had for jobs well everyone was off at war. It changed the standards for equality for everyone.


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