Nigeria: Geography &' Agriculture. Kimberly, yurisia, yenifer, sofia and chrIsTian

Nigeria is often called the " Giant of Africa". Nigeria has several different regions including deserts, plains, swamps, mountains, and steamy jungles. Most of Nigeria is covered with plains and Savannah.
There are about 250 languages spoken in Nigeria, and maybe more. "Music and art spring from strong tribal roots and are prevalent throughout society" (national geographic). At least 60% live below the poverty line, living on less than a dollar away.

The agricultural land in Nigeria is 78%. Forests make up 9.5% , and other lands make up the land use (12%). Flooding and droughts are a big natural hazards that happen most.

Key exports crops include palm oil, wheat, and sugar. At one point Nigeria was a big exporter of these and cocoa, cotton, and rubber

Geography: the Niger River enters the country in the northwest and flows southward through tropical rain forests and swamps to its delta in the Gulf of Guinea.

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