Jäger by: caleb kendrick





Is a hunter.

My conscience mocked me,

picking fights like a petulant child.

The soviets would kill me,

but would they torture me first?

The Nazis would kill me,

but only if they uncovered the plan.

How long would it remain a secret?

The ground quivered.

Soldiers were close.

I had to move,

but I felt so tired.

But brave warriors,

we flick away fear

with the flick of a wrist

Fate is a hunter,

Its barrel pressed against my forehead.

Guilt is a hunter,

I was its hostage

Shame is a hunter,

my shame was all around me now.

Fear is a hunter,

it encircles us and surrounds us when we least expect it.

Words borrowed from Salt to the Sea by Ruta Seppetys


Created with images by judy dean - "Thetford Forest" • domeckopol - "forest light mood" • Capt' Gorgeous - "WW2" • barakbro - "fence holocaust barbwire" • James P. Mann - "Sunrise at Irishtown Nature Park" • History In An Hour - "The Wilhelm Gustloff, the largest maritime disaster" • Stephen Kelly Photography - "Ship's Hallway, Hyde Street Pier"

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