'My Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History' Introduction Page Hunter Shaw

Nature on Display

One of the coolest experiences that I had while at the Florida Museum of Natural History was witnessing the Estuary exhibit. The reason I chose this for my 'Nature on Display' page was due to the fact that nature was literally on display, as we were able to look into a microscope at crab larvae. This captured my attention due to the fact that this exhibit provided me with scientific information that I would have not otherwise known or experienced. I was not familiar with the birthing habits of crabs, and having the opportunity to view the crab larvae was an experience that made me realize the educational value of the Florida Museum of Natural History. This exhibit provided a fun, yet informative way of learning about a piece of nature that we would have otherwise not been able to see (thanks to the microscope!).

Nature and Ethics

Going through the Florida Museum of Natural History allowed me to further understand Leopold's statement that we must become a biotic community that appreciates nature, rather than people that conquer nature. During my time at the museum, I truly felt at one with nature; however, no place felt more special than the Butterfly Garden. Going through the butterfly garden provided me with an in-person experience that allowed me to become more appreciative of nature and its relationship with humanity. The overall atmosphere was extremely happy, and there were tons of kids running around who just seemed happy to be experiencing nature's beauty. We were literally face-to-face with some of nature's coolest creatures, the butterfly, and this time at the museum (specifically in the Butterfly Garden) made me feel obligated to make myself heard in terms of protecting our environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Going to the Florida Museum of Natural History truly allowed for me to step outside of my average, every day life by experiencing and celebrating different cultures that have been practiced throughout history. While at the museum, I was able to visit the exhibit that discussed the Calusa Earthworks. The Caluse tribe built these large mounds in order to show the strength of their leaders and their beliefs, and without such an interesting exhibit I would have not been able to acquire information such as this. Experiencing an exhibit such as this allows me to appreciate who we are as a nation and the various cultures that occupied Florida in the past; learning about Florida's history provides me with valuable information on the state that I call home while connecting with nature and the history that nature has played in past societies' lives.

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