Hip Hop World by Dalton higgins

This whole book was on the music genre of hip hop and how it came to be and it's popularity in the world. The beginning of the book began with the importance of hip hop to the African-American community. In the middle it explained how hip hop started to become more popular across the North American region. Towards the ending it explained that hip hop is getting to the point where it is a universally enjoyed genre of music and that it is an important part of the culture of the youth in America.

In the text it says, "Take Japan, where despite language barriers many Japanese youth aped African-American rappers' stylings by tanning their skin dark brown (ganguro or "blackface") and wearing cornrows and dreadlocks" (Higgins, 10). This was interesting to me because it really did blow my mind to think that people still do blackface. To add to that, in other countries than the United States. Now to play devil's advocate, maybe those students didn't intend for it to be offensive, maybe they had no idea they were? Maybe, they were trying to be like what they thought African-Americans were because they admire them and their culture.

In the text it says, "Pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa and his Zulu Nation made up for farmer gang members, were dedicated to teaching self-pride and cultural awareness through music and dance" (Higgins, 17). That part was really cool. Why? Oh I don't know, how about the fact that GANG members, yes GANG members worked together to teach students about pride and culture through music? That is really ironic and amazing at the same time.

In the text it says "The widespread of adoption of Jamaican music and culture became all the more clear by the 1990's when the whole slew of rappers who weren't of Jamaican descent began to rhyme" (Higgins, 23). First of all,I love reggae music. This is interesting because of how even if they weren't Jamaican, they still made music. This shows that two different cultures can connect through anything, like music.

In the text it says, "Beat boxing is the style of vocal percussion initiated to from a musical backdrop to rap performances" (Higgins, 27). That remind me of the time that I tried to beat box. It was a lot harder than what people depict it as, I also never knew what it was before, so that was interesting to read.

In the text it says "Most of the major popular rap artists celebrated worldwide are black" (Higgins, 46). That one stood out to me. I never really realized it until now. Maybe most of the famous rappers today are of African descent because hip hop basically started with them and it is in their culture. There is a section in this book talking about how the genre of hip hop is important and apart of the African-American culture.

I chose to read this book simply because hip hop is one of my favorite genres of music and there were no other books I wanted to read for this assignment. They were all way too long, and this one was enjoyable to read.


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