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In the book of DeathNote, Light Yagami, a brilliant high school student who one day stumbled upon a notebook that had the power to kill any person with just writing their name in it. He sighed with disbelief, so he brought it home and tried it out on a criminal. After 40 seconds, the criminal died of a heart attack. Light kept using the book, however it was only used to kill the country's worst criminals. Soon, a week passed by and the book is nearly filled to half. The police began to be suspicious, and started an investigation. In fact, Light's dad was the chief officer of the case. Light sneaked away with many things, he hid all of his evidence with lies, he killed many more people ruthlessly. Light began getting out of control. The police also had a special weapon, who everyone called "L". No one knows his real name, in fear that Light will could kill him with it. "L" cracked 99% cases with the police, and he's been around for awhile. The police was highly dependent with him, and with "L" working with the police, things got a lot more complicated. "L" and Light then had an internal fight, warlike conflict. They both tried to get a step ahead of each other in everything. The conflict got complicated with many deaths, ruthlessly, many traitors going against each other. It made everyone not trust anyone, not anymore.

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The letter above in the top right corner is L's symbol. He used that as his logo when he communicates with the police. The character with black hair is L, and the character with red hair is Light. The character with the blonde hair is also in the story, but explaining it would make things confusing.
Personal Review

This book got me caught on as soon as I read the first few pages. "Deathnote" is like a rollercoaster, you don't know whats going to happen next, but whatever it is, it's exciting to find out. It has a lot of tension, and even scary at points. This book definitely goes out to anyone who likes detective movies, spy, suspense, or action movies. When I was reading this, it was hard for me to put it down. It was so anticipated with the conflict between L and Light that I even started to pick sides. The things L and Light does against each other is mind-blowing, it leaves me wanting more to read.

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Direct Quote from book

”He who strikes first wins.” - L

-This quote gives a brief explanation the conflict between L and Light-


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