Greensboro Sit-in By khoadangles

Background Information

This event started February 1, 1960 in Greensboro North Carolina because restaurants are segregated and would not serve colored people.

Goal the Sit-in

This sit in was a non-violent protest to desegregate whites and blacks, by sitting they are driving away white customers and taking up spots so the restaurant will not make as much money and so they will end up having to serve African Americans.

Who was Involved?

Blair, Richmond, McCain and McNeil were the four men were students and planned this protest first. There were four of them at first to sit at the counter and refused to be served. They impacted this event because they did it peacefully and this angered other people seeing this.

Obstacles to Overcome

The group was not being served and they had the police and all the white people there against them and wanting them to leave. They overcame this problem and sticking up and kept sitting


This led to stores and public places being desegregated and now everything is together and equal today and that makes a big impact on our lives.

Modern Inequality/Injustice

Today there is some inequality/injustice with white police officers and African Americans and some people believe the police officers are racist against them.

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