Oppression of Women By Elizabeth Avila

Theme: Just because your a women doesn't mean your less of a person.

Of Mice and Men

"Don't you even take a look at that bitch. I don't care what she says and what she does. I seen 'em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her. You leave her be."

In this story everyone sees curly's wife as a whore so everyone stays away from her. I think everyone wanted her to be just a simple housewife who minded her own buisiness.

The Chrysanthemums

"Elisa's voice grew husky. She broke in on him. "I've never lived as you do, but I know what you mean. When the night is dark -- why, the stars are sharp- pointed, and there's quiet. Why, you rise up and up! Every pointed star gets driven into your body. It's like that. Hot and sharp and -- lovely.""

She shows she wanted to go somewhere and maybe travel, but she couldn't because she's a women and someone has to stay home and take care of house.


"Miss Morgan, the new teacher, was very young and very pretty; too young and dangerously pretty, the aged men of the valley thought. It was seriously doubted that a teacher so young and so pretty could keep any order in the school."

The men at the valley were not only questioning her age and image but they were questioning her sense of authority. If it had been a handsome young man who was hired then no one would have thought these things.

How is this relevant?

Even nowadays society doesn't have the same respect for women as they do for men. For example, if you were to watch a woman and a man debate over something you would lean toward the man even if he has no idea what he's talking about and the woman does. Long ago society established that a woman does not run the house a man does. Over time that stayed the same until women had enough and started to stand up for themselves. Although, certain things have changed like gaining political rights and having the ability to work. Women still struggle especially in the business world with office sexism and harassment. Even though women have come a long way from where they stood in society there's still a long way to go. Like most things it just takes time.


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