Black angels By: Nicholas Murabito

The Origin of Segregation

  • With the guaranteed rights promised by the Constitution, after the Civil War, Black Men and Women were for a short time in some places, almost equal.
  • In 1877, the first of the Jim Crow law went into effect, with the intention of limiting the rights of Black people.

the champions of the discriminated

  • Over time, African Americans were tired of being second class citizens in a first class world.
  • Powerful individuals with levels of Influence such as MLK were running nationwide campaigns for an effort to equality divided equally between each race.
  • The legendary N.A.A.C.P worked hard to make sure that African Americans got equality in the Court.
  • Rosa Parks is only a single example of a person who stuck to what they believed and continued on, despite the consequences of such beliefs.
MLK Jr.(Left) Rosa Parks statue(Center) NAACP Supporter(Right)

Martin Luther King Jr

  • Martin Luther King Jr was born to a pastor family in 1929 in Atlanta,Georgia
  • MLK earned a sociology degree in 1948, despite being black, and also thrived among his colleagues
  • In 1955, MLK left the job of ministry to become an activist for African equality, by being elected to lead a boycott on city bus companies, because he was young, intelligent and was professional.
  • As time progressed, MLK led nationwide campaigns for equality up to his legendary "I Have a Dream Speech given in Washington D.C. in 1964
  • MLK was assassinated in 1968 by A criminal with numerous charges over the years named James Earl Ray

The N.a.a.c.p

  • Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the first and largest civil rights enthusiast group and are widely recognized around America.
  • The NAACP was founded due to a spike in lynchings around America
  • By 1913, the NAACP had affiliations in cities around the United States Including Boston, NYC, St. Louis and more.
  • After Lynchings were starting to fall, the Civil Rights Movement itself was sparked by the NAACP when Segregated schools were considered unconstitutional in 1954 as a conclusion to the Brown vs. Board of Education case

Rosa Parks and protesters in general

  • The majority of protesters began to start fighting for rights in 1954 when The Brown vs. BoED case happened and in 1955 when Rosa Parks became known to the world
  • Most protesters endured levels of torture by authorities of cities such as Detroit and Memphis
  • Forms of harm varied from hosing, shooting, gas, dogs and other various methods that changed with the attacker.


  • The African race has been saved by the hard work of alot of people
  • Celebrities like Martin Luther King Jr. who put years and years into fighting for equality.
  • Groups like the NAACP did heavy lifting and defended black rights for anyone who was convicted with the intention of making sure race isn't a factor
  • Protesters in all 48 Continental states took the hardest beating, yet probably made the biggest push for rights with protest after protest.


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