My Favorite Everything by ashton gullett

my favorite animal is the penguin.

they are my favorite because they are really funny and cool

my favorite color is orange.

its my favorite because when my maw maw was dying she had an orange blanket.

my favorite game is call of duty.

its my favorite game because of the first person shooter.

my favorite place to go is atlantis

its my favorite because its a beeeeeeeutifull island

my favorite tv show is the flash

its my favorite because im into super heros

my favorite movie is captain america civil war\

its my favorite because it goes after a comic

my favorite wepon is the bow

its my favorite because my familys a hunting family

mario is my favorite character

hes my favorite because he was my first vidio game

chickflia is my favorite fast food

its because i love there chicken

my favorite resturaunt is hibachi

i LOVE there tariyaki chicken

my favorite electronic is the iphone 7

its soooooooooooooo cool

my favorite math game

mine craft was my first ios game

my favorite toy is my drone

its sooo cool it has a camara

my favorite birthday present is money

buy whatever i want

my favorite consil is the xbox one

the controller is soooo good to hold


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