My Personal Mission Statement BY dYLAN CARBONELL

My name is Dylan Carbonell, I am a student at Exceptional Minds, and I aim to be a cartoonist and work in the animation industry.

I'm commisioned to designed Christmas Cards for my family every year.

Back in 2012 I storyboarded a full animatic for an animated short film I wrote myself.

I've written and directed a student film in 2015 called "The Autupdater 67B", about a man who gets murdered by his computer for not updating it in months.

I've also done animation work for both the 2015 Momentous Holiday Card and the 2016 LA Zoo card.

I animated The Moose in The 2015 Momentous Holiday Card

Most recently I have done both character animation and effects and camera work for the Production Class short, "Barbar's Bargains".

My core values for are my determination to push the envelope stylistically, and to create the kind of things I want to see come to fruition, the kind of things I find funny or interesting

I want to refine my animation and drawing skills to make the kind of cartoons I want to make I want to be able to make my own independent cartoons and be able to do that as a full-time living.

To describe myself professionally, I'd say I'm artistically skilled, hard-working, a good listener, reliable, can speak clearly, contribute ideas, and I aim high and go above and beyond

To describe myself personally, I'd say I'm creative, funny, hopeful, determined, smart, meticulous, passionate, friendly, and a good conversationalist.

I hope I gave you a good enough description of myself and my qualities.

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