--------Into Thin Air--------- 2015 Everest Avalanche By: Ryan Corbett

Even though Mount Everest represents a danger to climbers like Jon Krakauer in Into Thin Air and in the Mount Everest 2015 avalanche, others such as Sherpa's and the Nepalese government require the mountain to stay open to give Sherpa's jobs, give a poor government money, and so Mount Everest climbers can achieve a great feat.

Jon Krakauer is a writer assigned to climb the world’s highest peak for a news story. This story takes you through his journey of ascending to the top and the brutal conditions. Shortly after reaching the top Jon Krakauer rushes down the mountain and manages to get to a tent while a treacherous storm brews on top. Other climbers get caught up in the storm and are all in a fight vs. nature.

Sometimes the forces of nature may make a goal dangerous and costly.

This relates to the topic as the people on Everest all had the same goal of reaching the summit but many were killed or injured thus costing them.

The novel is very closely related to the topic as they both were tragedies on Mount Everest. The novel helps me gain more perspective on my research topic and gives me more background on the climbing's and tragedies of Mount Everest.

2015 Everest Avalanche

On April 25, 2015 an avalanche struck the Base Camp of Mount Everest tearing apart tents and leaving a wake of destruction. The avalanche, caused by an earthquake, killed 22 climbers and injured over 60 more. This disaster was the deadliest in the mountain’s history. The reason for the large number of deaths was the commercialization of Everest and the mountain that was once reserved for experts was now open to novices. With the growing number of deaths on the mountain, should the government intervene with Everest?

A Sherpa

Although Everest may be dangerous, it provides crucial jobs for Sherpa's. Sherpa's can earn up to $7000 plus bonuses and tips. In comparison, the per capita income in Nepal is $730. The Sherpa's need this revenue to help lead better lives. If the mountain closes down to climbers the Sherpa's will be in big trouble.

The Nepalese government also needs the mountain to remain open. Mount Everest plays a crucial role in the tourism industry and the sector is worth $340 million, a lot of money to a poor country/government. They also make $3.5 million a year from climbing permits. They also have to compete with Tibet as some climbers are choosing to climb Mount Everest from the Tibet side. The government cannot afford to close down the mountain as there would be great repercussions.

Alex Gavan

However, Alex Gavan was present during the avalanche and believes Mount Everest is too dangerous. He described it as a “huge earthquake then huge avalanche” that sent him “running for life from [his] tent.” He has a different opinion on Mount Everest and I think he believes it should be closed because of the great danger.

Mount Everest Political Cartoon

This political cartoon shows the perspective of a writer in the USA. There are ropes leading up to the top of the mountain implying it may be getting too easy to get to the top of the mountain. On the other side of the mountain the caption reads “Nepal Quake” and “Help” symbolizing the dangers of climbing Mount Everest. This also gives you a perspective on why climbers want to climb Mount Everest so much. The climber says “I’m The King Of The World” meaning he feels really good at the top of the mountain.

Mount Everest Path

In the aftermath of the avalanche Carsten Pedersen feels frustrated at the Nepalese government closing down Mount Everest. Regardless of danger he just wants to climb the mountain. This shows the drive of climbers to reach the summit and achieve “...his childhood dream of scaling Everest…” He will not be denied his dream and with the Nepalese government being inadequate with handling Everest he will consider climbing the more dangerous, Tibet side.

As you can see, even though Mount Everest represents a danger to climbers like Jon Krakauer in Into Thin Air and in the Mount Everest 2015 avalanche, others such as Sherpa’s and the Nepalese government require the mountain to stay open to give Sherpa’s jobs, give a poor government money, and so Mount Everest climbers can achieve a great feat.

My research topic connects back to my novel as they both provide perspectives into the same issue of Mount Everest. They were both natural disasters on the mountain and they helped show how different people feet or actions they took about the same or similar events, therefore helping me gain different perspectives. They helped me to understand why certain people would do certain things while I would do something else. It's because of the different perspectives everybody has. Into Thin Air and the 2015 Everest Avalanche are great examples of gaining more perspectives.

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