It gives me... Eric mattner

Learning gives me joy because knowing that I know just a little bit more about something fills me with a warm feeling. Knowing more about the science of the world especially gives me a lot of joy.

For me, joy can come from music, whether I'm listening to Fall Out Boy or playing the piano to songs from video games. The melodies that flow so nicely and the many different instruments and voices coming together drive me to create such vibrant music.

Being with friends or family gives me joy because they know me so well and it seems like I can talk about anything with them because they will understand me.

Doing well in school gives me hope because if I get good grades then I believe my life will be better in general. If I do well in school I can also even help my friends and younger family members with their schoolwork.

Seeing people come together for a positive reason such as helping terrorist attack survivors overcome the ordeal they've been put through. Terrorist themselves bring down my spirit and seeing people support others who have suffered a terrible fate brings it right back up.

Technology is advancing at such a fast rate that soon we will have robots doing everyday tasks and self-driving cars in just a couple of years. Hopefully these advancements will allow the world to be a far more advanced place with overall life being much easier to get through.

Whenever somebody encourages me to keep doing what I enjoy doing I get a feeling of pride for having such good friends and family in my life.

Helping people succeed with anything that they enjoy gives me pride because, like seeing people come together for positivity, I feel like their success is also my success and vice versa. I made a helpful difference in the world, even if it's only for 1 person.

Being looked up to gives me a sense of accomplishment & pride because that means somebody wants to be more like me and that makes me proud of myself for being a good person.

Tragedies like the recent airport shooting in Florida just make me pause and think why people do this and how can horrible occurrences like these be stopped for good.

My future gives me pause because I'm not sure what I'm going to do past high-school, or even mid-high school for my first job and how to get hired.

Failure makes me pause and think "where did I go wrong". Most of my unsuccessful attempts at anything lead to confusion and a lot of thinking on how to fix it.

Dr. Jekyll from "The Strange Case Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson

Being able to turn into Mr. Hyde gives Dr. Jekyll joy because it gives him an outlet to satisfy his malicious side by doing horrible things he can't do as Jekyll.

Having such great that support him gives Jekyll joy because he knows that they will support him but even if they don't they will understand him.

Performing experiments gives Jekyll joy because he can change the world with his drugs and possibly make the world a better place.

Jekyll hopes that he can control Hyde so that he doesn't just come out whenever he wants and wreak havoc across town.

Jekyll hopes that his drug will continue to function to keep Hyde contained inside of him.

Utterson gives Jekyll hope because he knows that he will take care of him for as long as they live. Even if Hyde takes control, Utterson will attempt to take care.

Being a well-respected doctor gives Jekyll pride because he is successful and changes the world. He knows a lot about what he does and does it well.

Being the person that he knows can change into several people gives Jekyll pride because he is the only one that has discovered this amazing breakthrough.

Jekyll takes pride in having a great group of friends that cares about him. Even if he may not want it, he knows they will try to help him in hardship and success.

The police give Jekyll pause because he doesn't know if they will ever catch Hyde while he is running rampant across the town doing who knows what.

Dr. Lanyon gives Jekyll because Lanyon disagrees with Jekyll's beliefs about medicine and Jekyll is unsure if Lanyon will agree to join him with experiments and testing of drugs.

Jekyll's own drugs and experiments give him pause because sometimes unsure of what will happen to the experimented subject, and he will have to take care of whatever the result is.

Irma Mattner(my mom)

Having a loving and caring family gives my mom joy because she knows that we will always be there for her as long as we are alive and that we will support her through hardship and loss.

Having a secure job gives my mom hope because it's a job that she enjoys and knows she can reliably keep. It also gives her knowledge she can use to help her children with their homework that is related to similar subjects.

Having a home gives my mom a feeling of joy because it's a familiar and nice house that our family can safely live in.

Seeing random acts of kindness gives my mom hope because it's a sign that there are countless kind people in the world even when some want to hurt and even kill others.

Babies, my mom thinks, are symbolic of new times in the modern age and that even when her and her friends are no longer alive, life will still continue on for these wonderful children.

Medical research for disease treatment gives my mom hope because it means that less people will die to horrible diseases like cancer and AIDS.

My mother's work ethic gives her pride because she knows that she is helping people by finding out if they have diseases or viruses and she knows how to help them get treatment if they need it.

How her younger family members act around elderly people gives my mom pride because she sees that she has taught them to respect their elders and that her hard work has paid off in these young adults & children.

Donating to charities give my mom a sense of pride because she knows that she is helping people who are in worse situations than she is, and that the money will help them more than she knows how.

The current government makes my mom stop and think about how the country will be ran in the next few years with the wildly different political views of today.

Sunny days give my mom pause because the sky looks so beautiful and then the warmth makes her think about the world around her.

The news gives my mom pause because whether the news is good or bad, it still changes the world in a way, such as a terrorist attack, or a brand new technological breakthrough is discovered, she doesn't know how this will affect the world.


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