Kiley's Creations The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I took Intro to Art because I am interested in art. I thought that I had some artistic abilities, so I signed up! In this class, I was hoping to improve my artistic skills. I also was planning on how to use different mediums properly. I was also expecting to go through projects in a more rushed manor. I am a slow drawer/painter and in past years I was always rushed into finishing my projects. This year I really got to take more time on items. I was still rushed a little, but it was not as bad as my past classes. I was exactly pecting fun and I got it!

On the left: edges and contour, top right: spaces (negative and positive), bottom left: relationships and proportions, bottom right: lights and shadows

I learned the most from proportions. Knowing how to use proportions correctly, my drawings look more real then they ever have before!

My drawings look more realistic then they did in the beginning of the year. My hand that I drew the very first week of school looked like a hand, but it was lacking that pizazz to make my hand look like a real hand. In my charcoal hand, you can see the creases of the hand and how it folds over the eraser. You can see the shadows being cast onto the hand. It just looks more like a hand a real person would have. Also, my technique improved a lot. Before I learned how to shade, I would just smudge the pencil marks, but know I know not to do that. Now my art looks so much better!

Chiaroscuro is the contrast of light and dark to create the illusion of space. This still life piece shows chiaroscuro in the shadows I created, the objects looks like they are in front of each other.

My most recent portrait (fragmented portrait) most definetly looks a lot more like me then in the beginning. The first one I drew looked like a mediocre drawing of someone, but as I progressed emotion has been inputrd into the drawings. Also my handling of charcoal got way better throughout the portraits. In my fragmented portrait, I achieved this more control over the charcoal then my middle self portrait. I can improve more on the shape of my lips and the shading around the nose.

If I were able to re-do a project, I would definetly re-do this one. I did not have enough time to finish it, and it does not look like me. I know that's if I re did my self portrait, I could make it look much better and show actual emotion.

My technical skills have improved immensely. At first I could not control charcoal, but then I developed this sketchy style in my art. I also could not crosshatch to save my life. Now I actually enjoy crosshatching. This green work is an example of crosshatching.

I believe that my attitude has increased. I knew I was "artistic", but I didn't believe I was all that good. How I can see how much potential I posses. In this impaso art, I really stopped worrying about how it will look because at the beginning it looked really bad. Gen, after I stopped worrying, it turned out really rough supportive classmates and teachers, my artistic attitude has been steadily improving.

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