How Liberals Ruin The World By, charles shelton

Once upon a time there were two good little Republican boys named Bill and Rush. One day they asked their mom and dad to buy them an Xbox. Their parents responded "Rush, Bill why don't you go earn the money yourselves that way when you get it it will mean so much more to you." Now Rush and Bill thought hard for a moment and decided to mow lawns in the neighborhood for money. Now Rush and Bill did this and eventually earned enough to buy that Xbox. But around the corner came a liberal, when he saw the boys and their money he said "WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING WITH THAT MONEY?!!!" The boys told the man that they had gone and earned it with hard work and were off to buy an Xbox with it. The clearly stupid liberal replied"HOW DARE YOU, YOU CANT HAVE AN XBOX IF NOT EVERYONE CAN HAVE ONE!!" The stupid liberal took half the money they had earned and told them that half of their money they earned would go to people who didn't work hard or earn it. Bill and Rush still wanted to work hard for that Xbox so they mowed more lawns and earned enough to buy 2 Xbox's. Just like before the stupid liberal came around the corner and looked at their money, and just like before he took some, but instead of taking half like he did before he took 75% of it leaving them with still less than they needed to buy an Xbox. When they asked why he took more than before he replied"Because you are in a higher class now meaning I can take more and give it to people who still didn't work". Bill and Rush soon realized they would never be able to afford what they wanted because of liberals everywhere and their want to spread socialism and there would be no happy ending for them because even when they died Liberals would still want a chunk of what was in his will, to give to people who didn't work for or earn it.


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