Gospel Adventures Part 2 Week 3

Welcome back to Summer Family Sunday School at Our Savior Hawaii! Do you ever feel stressed or worried? Today, we are going to explore the peace God provides and how the people of Peru live.

INSERT REVIEW VIDEO BY KAYLA explaining what we talked about last week, preview of this week

Let's sing our theme song!


Have you ever heard the term “smooth sailing”? What do you think it means? Think of seeing a lake and the water is nice and smooth. It would be easy for boats to sail along. Smooth sailing!

Smooth sailing is how life feels sometimes. Everything’s going well—no real problems. But then…waves start to roll. Gently move your arms up and down like small waves. You don’t do so well on that math test you were worried about. And that girl you thought was a friend starts talking behind your back. Sailing isn’t so smooth anymore! Move your arms up and down really crazy. And then, because you’re already upset, you forget to do your chores so now you’re in trouble at home. And then you miss the goal in the last play of the soccer game!

Now, the waves are giant and high, threatening to overwhelm us! There are so many waves in your life! Where can you turn? Today, we’re going to find out!

Discuss: What are some of the "waves" in your life? What comes to mind when you think of the word peace? Maybe, it’s when everyone in your family is getting along or when you’re playing with your pet. Or it could be when you go for a walk in the woods.

The Bible tells us about a peace that can only come from God, and the peace that God gives us is different. Listen to what Jesus says in John 14:27:

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."

The peace that comes from God can stay with us no matter what we’re going through. It never disappears. Even when life isn’t smooth sailing, we can have peace, because we know Jesus is with us and he loves us so much that he died and rose for us.


We’ve met some amazing new friends from Peru. First we met the brother-and-sister team of Neil and Sharith, and then we met Hector. Each of the friends from Peru have helped us learn more about Peru and our wonderful God, who gives us all such good gifts. Today, we’ll meet Veronica. Veronica lives with her family near a big lake high in the mountains of Peru. Let’s watch this video to learn about our new Peruvian friend. As you watch, look for things that are surprising about Veronica’s life.

Discuss: What surprised you? Veronica has so many surprising things in her life. She has many good gifts from God to celebrate. God loves Veronica and her family, and God loves us too. Veronica finds peace on her island with her family. Where do you find peace? We can find peace in lots of places, like outside in nature, at church, or even at home.

But we can’t always be at those places. Peace doesn’t depend on where you are. Peace comes from who you trust. God loves us so much and he wants us to experience his love and his good gifts—especially his gift of peace. When we trust God and his love for us, we can have peace. God gives us peace anywhere and anytime. I love discovering new things about our Peruvian friends and how much we’re alike. Even though we’re miles apart, we have lots in common.

LEARN ABOUT IT Reed Foundations

Believe it or not, there are some kids in Peru who live on a lake. Like…on top of it! And they don’t live in boats. They use millions of reeds to make a foundation for their homes.In fact, they use these reeds to make a lot of amazing things—toys, watchtowers, even enormous boats! Check this out!

Discuss: What struggles do you have in your life? When has God given you peace? How do you show others that you have peace?


Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for your peace. Please be with us in our struggles, guiding and loving us, forgiving us when we fail. Please be with the people of Peru. Help them know who you are and the peace that you give. We pray this all in your name, Amen.

Challenge: Where will you see God this week? When will God give you peace this week?


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