The Good Earth I read it I swear

The Good Earth chronicles the life of Wang Lung, a chinese farmer from his wedding day to very old age. At the start of the book you root for the protagonist but somewhere along the way his desire for money and luxury becomes too much and you start to resent every choice he makes.

The protagonist suffers a lot throughout the story. He and his family face poverty, famine, having to leave their farm in search of work elsewhere, more famine, death and crime. You would think that the protagonist, as head of the family, would be the strong one in these situations, but no it's his wife, Olan.

At one point a huge drought occurs and the crops are ruined.

Olan is the best character. She was raised as a slave in a rich family's house and then sold to the MC to be his wife. She is tough as nails honestly, when the MC is too softhearted to kill a cow for food, Olan does it, when the MC is too weak to work, Olan begs for money on the streets, Olan is just the best okay. She deserved better, I won't spoil it because I already have high blood pressure thinking about it but she deserves the world.

an accurate representation of me when finishing this book.

This is the best book I've ever read but Wang Lung is so selfish and greedy. All through the book it keeps going back to the rich family's house that Olan was raised in. The family is now in shambles, with only one man, the father, left. The wife died in her opium den and his children and his own wild spending have left him in bankruptcy. The story is so good because the protagonist unknowingly, follows in the rich family's footsteps and it's horribly depressing but so great.

A picture of money. Because this stupid site has apparently never heard of this book. So take a stock photo of money, yes that gets the point across perfectly. This is the best adobe spark you've ever seen isn't it?


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