Amy the "Yay-me" Introduction to amy palian

Why Amy the "Yay - me"?

Hi! My name is Amy and my friends call me "Yay me" because I tend to be too much of an optimist and love motivating my friends, family and peers with a "Yay!" attitude.

My Future Plans

I am in MSIDT program because I would like to expand my horizons in learning theory, instructional design and how I can improve education through designing and implementing lessons that meet the learning needs of our diverse learner population. The images below best illustrate my long term goal.

Building a bridge leading to engaging learning environment and content is my primary goal.

My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher was my high school ESL teacher, Mrs. Wise. She truly was wise. She was the most caring and supportive teacher I ever met. She believed in her students and showed much love and care. She was strict, but she was so loving. When I was in high school, senior year, I wanted to drop out of school to take care of my ill mother. Mrs. Carol called me into her classroom and talked to me which gave me strength to go on. Sure enough, I graduated high school and pursued higher education. She is my hero. <3

My Learning Style

I have to say that it was definitely difficult picking one of the four because I could resonate with all four learner types. Given that I HAD to pick one, I would say that I am an "Interpersonal Learner". I find myself more motivated to learn when I know that with this knowledge I can change people's lives. This gives me a different level of energy and motivation. I love learning with groups, through discussion and hands on activities. And yes, I notice it when my teacher or instructor pays attention to my successes and struggles. I think that learning is a unified effort and all players need to contribute and remain focused.

My Hobbies

My most favorite hobby is spending time with my family. Outside of that, I love interpreting symbolism embedded in art, architecture, sacred scripture, poems, writings and mythology.

I am currently working on interpreting the symbolism embedded in Rembrandt's painting called "Philosopher in Meditation".

My Favorite Dish

DOLMA, DOLMA, & more DOLMA!!! I love Armenian Dolma. Armenian Dolma is similar to Greek Dolma except it is stuffed with meat. We (Armenians) have several types of Dolma: vegetables stuffed with meat, cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, grape leaves stuffed with meat, and cabbage leaves stuffed with vegetarian stuffing. My favorite is grape leaves stuffed with meat with garlic yogurt sauce. I can eat this every day for the rest of my life without getting tired of it. YUMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!

Mouth watering YUMMMYYYYYYY!!!


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