A Text Away Chicago phonies

I always try to make plans, I really do. Old Johnny, a close childhood friend of mine would always be asking me to get out and do somethin' "for christsake." Johnny always wore this leather coat that made him look like a cool bastard, but he really wasn't. So one day me and old Johnny decided to drive down to Chicago, IL to spend a day in the city. It's a nice city, it really is - but I'm not the type to drive forty minutes to go somewhere. Johnny is the type of person to travel for hours, he really can. In fact, he once drove eleven hours to get to Mississippi, that goddamn awful state. He would always talk about it, and how forty minutes is nothing compared to eleven. So I decided to go with him, and we were going to leave at 8:00 A.M. I'm not really happy about wakin' up at that early in the morning, but old Johnny said it was to avoid traffic, that terrific smart bastard. He got to my house at 7:00 for christsake, and made me get up to go. We were gonna leave when he got a call on his goddamn cellphone askin' him to come work (Johnny works at a retail shop ten minutes from our neighborhood). Johnny wasn't a guy to miss out on makin' some money, he really wasn't - he'd take a bet ten time a day if you let 'em. In fact, he'd be at work for 24 hours if you let 'em. When Old Johnny said he had to go to work, it made me seething with anger. He'da convinced me to do this for a week and now he was cancelin' on me. I told him to get out and I slammed the door real hard. It felt like the house shook, it really did. I went back to my goddamn bed and never spoke to that sonuvabitch again.

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