+ An Initiative by Credo Software

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” John Lewis

Credo Cares initiative was created during COVID to expand Credo Software’s community charitable outreach in a meaningful response to measures being taken for social distancing and safety. Team members were tasked with seeking out new ways to give back to the community using their technical skills. To date, work has begun with two charity partners and over 500 hours invested in the community.

Our first Credo Cares initiative is the Pantry Access Management System (PAMS). Currently data is being entered into an in-house desktop application to begin meeting the inventory needs for a local charity using Credo’s proprietary logistics software module.

We are reaching out to local charities to seek not only interest, but gain further knowledge of where the biggest need is. Input from people who are part of charities daily routine is vital to making this a positive user friendly application. If your charity would like to give input in our feasibility study, please click on the link below.

Some Key Elements From the Cares Initiative:

  • Creates a coherent inventory database system allows for an expandable tracking of food, new toys, clothing, household goods, building materials, office supplies, etc.
  • Records Incoming and Outbound activities as donations arrive or leave
  • Uses scanning or other quick entry to safely and accurately receive the goods, and provide costs for basic reporting.

We hoped to be launching Credo Cares 2.0 app by the end of 2020 with expanding functionality. However, we were approached to help with a more imminent need.

Anderson Interfaith Ministries Covid Relief

Credo partnered with AIM to create a portal for the help qualified county residents who have faced Covid hardship receive help with rent & utilities. As a result, AIM was recognized as ranked first in the state assistance program delivering millions of dollars throughout Anderson County, South Carolina



Sarah Curnow