Sojourner Truth By: Mya Mandell

To get a full experience of how powerful Sojourner Truth's pieces could be, I included a video to get the complete effect of her speeches. My favorite one is "Ain't I A Woman."

In "Ain't A Woman" Truth explains the differences and struggles she faces being a colored woman in her time period. Although she was in fact a woman, things weren't the same for her or any other colored women as they were for the white women in town. The others were "carried to their carriages" and " lifted over ditches". While Truth was lifting heavy bags and doing dirty work in the fields.

Although this piece was presented in 1851, these kinds of struggles are still relatable today and have been for centuries. Racism and unfair treatment still occurs every single day in America and all around the world.

I find this piece to be extremely moving in that when Truth wrote this piece and presented it, she was putting a lot on the line. People back then, and even now look at African Americans as less worthy which is not true and sad to say. Sojourner Truth was risking her life basically in giving this speech, and she was doing all of this to educate man about how wrong their actions were.

In this piece, Sojourner mentions "Then that little man in black there, he says women can't have as much rights as men, 'cause Christ wasn't a woman!" and it is sad to say, there is still people out there like this in the world who still think in this unintelligent manner.

I find this piece to be absolutely amazing, because it was written and presented over a 150 years ago, and it is still relevant and relatable in most aspects. I think Truth would be extremely disappointed in the lack of progress the world has made to eliminate racism and the poor treatment some people face just because of their skin color or beliefs.


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