Bruce Lee nov 27, 1940-jul 20,1973



Young Bruce Lee

After attending Tak Sun school at an early age, Bruce enrolls at La Salle Primary school at the age of 12 .

Bruce was introduce to martial arts by his father

His father taught him the fundamentals of Wu Shu Tai Chi Chuan . At the age of 13, Bruce begins his extensive martial arts training and studies the art of Wing Chun under private tuition from his instructor Yip Man.

Bruce graduates highschool

In 1959, Bruce moves to San Fransisco to live with his sister .Bruce completes his high school diploma from Edison Technical school .

Bruce enrolls at the University of Washington

He majored in Drama, but also studied Philosophy and Psychology and various other subjects. It was at the University that he met his future wife, Bruce drops out of University and moves to Oakland. He moves in with a well know martial arts instructor named James Yimm Lee (no relation

In 1964, Bruce is invited to attend the Long Beach International Karate Championships in Long beach, California
fighting techniques
It was here that he gave a demonstration of some of his famous training and fighting techniques, such as his Two-finger push-ups and the impressive "One-Inch Punch"
The highlight of Bruce's career came in 1972, when at the peak of his global popularity; He wrote, directed and starred in his biggest hit film "The Way of The Dragon". Considered to be Bruce's best work, the film included an end fight scene with action star Chuck Norris and Bruce's characters fighting to the death in the Colosseum in Rome. This scene is still considered one of the very best fight scenes ever filmed
After his hit film "The Way of The Dragon" catapulting Bruce to global stardom, he set his next film in motion. His next film "The Game of Death" was put on hold after receiving the call from Hollywood asking him to star in another martial arts epic. Bruce agreed and starred in "Enter The Dragon" in which he would play the lead in what would be his most famous film, but unfortunately would also be his last.

Bruce Lee final years

Bruce was rushed to hospital after collapsing during post-production work on "Enter The Dragon" He had suffered from headaches and seizures due to swelling of the brain.
Bruce had been suffering with headaches and was given various pain-killers. Bruce went to rest, but did not turn up to the meeting as planned. Concerned, they found Bruce but were unable to wake him. Bruce was unable to be revived and was later pronounced dead before arriving in hospital. It is believed that Bruce may have suffered an allergic reaction.

Bruce Lee dies July 20 ,1973

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