#ASCintheField 2019 Summer 2019 was packed with adventure for the hundreds of Ohio State Arts and Sciences students who broke down traditional classroom barriers to study around the world, connecting on social media along the way with the #ASCintheField hashtag.


Beyond Ohio State's campus, the world is abundant in opportunities to learn, explore and grow. Countries where Arts and Sciences students studied abroad this summer are highlighted in red.


At the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.


Sixteen students from the Department of Dance stepped up their game in Denmark as part of the Dance Denmark study abroad program, which included performances at Odense City Hall and the sculpture park at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg.


The Department of History’s study abroad program in France and Morocco gives students a firsthand look at how diversity is practiced and embraced in a different part of the world.

The individuals I met and the neighborhoods I visited … not only allowed me to learn about the extraordinary history of the relationship and growth of the two countries, but will allow me to apply important aspects of diversity and inclusion to my personal and professional life back home,” said psychology student Julianna Applestein, who captured this moment on the trip.


The Geography of the European Union is a four-week program in which students learn the intricacies of the European Union from Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the easternmost member of the European Union.

I did not know how greatly European policies differed from those in America, and it has been eye opening to see how progressive Europe has been on key issues such as climate change and immigration," said biology major Shaleen Ghosh.


Sociology 3798.03 students went to Rwanda to study the origins and aftermath of the country's 1994 genocide through active learning experiences. Over three weeks, students heard from rescuers, victims and perpetrators of the genocide, and they tackled questions surrounding violence, human rights, justice and postwar development.


The Global May China program saw Ohio State students pair with students from Southwest Minzu University. Women's, gender and sexuality studies major Mia Cariello partnered with an SWMU student, 罗洋君, to learn about China's different ethnicities, the country's rapid urbanization and how various cultures interconnect within the nation's newly developing metropolises.

After going on the Global May China trip and seeing how hard SWMU faculty and students fight for the continuation of their culture, heritage and narratives, it is more important to me now that I create something that shows my own narrative."


EEOB student Anthony Ursetti captured these images during his study abroad experience in Tanzania. He traveled around the northern Tanzanian landscape conducting research in national parks and wildlife management areas.

My experience abroad was undoubtedly a transformational experience that has already shaped who I am and how I view the world around me, as well as my future."


Students gained experience in biomedical research and genome sequencing at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.


Students in Political Science 3798 ventured to Malawi to explore research methods for politics and economic development.


Political science major Alyssa Moore took part in The Italian City program, where students explored and learned about some of Italy’s extraordinary cities and how their influences shaped the nation’s cultural identity through its years.

This trip showed me that while from afar our cultures and social normality’s may seem very similar, they are actually very different up close. I was also able to see just how diverse this world truly is."


Want to see the battle-worn beaches of Normandy? Visit the literary landscapes of rural England? Walk through the lush, tropical forests of Panama?

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