Dudley Laser Cutter Tutorial

Step 1) Login with your AU Credentials, and open UCP.

Step 2) Click the power button to turn laser cutter on.

Step 3) Turn on laser cutter fan.

Step 4) Open your file in AutoCAD, and change your line colors to the appropriate colors. Refer to line color guide above the laser cutter.

Step 5) Plot your file. Select plotstyle "laser.ctb". Select printer "VLS3.50/60DT".

Step 6) Click "Properties..." next to the printer name and then select "Custom Properties...".

Step 7) Click the "Manual Control" tab at the top and then select "Load".

Step 8) If the materials list doesn't automatically come up once you click "Load", go to "This PC" then click "Local Disk (C:)". Click the folder "laser settings".

Step 9) Double click on the material you are cutting. Please refer to the paper above the laser cutter for what materials are appropriate to cut.

Step 10) Once the material is selected, look at the manual controls page to see that the Z-Axis has changed and the measurements corresponds with the thickness of the material you selected. (i.e. Cardboard 1-16 corresponds to the Z-Axis value of 0.125") Click "Apply". Continue to click "OK" until you are back to the plotting screen.

Step 11) Verify that all your settings are correct, and then click "OK" on the plotting screen.

Step 12) Go to the UCP window and make sure your drawing shows up. Then click the play button in the right corner.

After cutting, use the shop vacuum to get the pieces you are unable to clean up. Turn off the fan and then the laser cutter in the same way you turned it on. Excess material can be placed in the metal material holder next to the cutter. Log off.

Pro tip: To access a previous drawing, use the drop down menu in the top left corner.