Mixed Media Anastasia Mcglinn

Creativity is absolutely amazing , because every peace of art you create it has there own meaning . Art is used with different materials, and different personalities .Every person has there own opinions about the art that they creat, Art is always been big deal for me, whenever I am bored or sad , I use Art to help me to get over my sadness and makes me feel more relaxed.Art is everything to me, any peace of art ,I created it always had meaning to me .Who wouldn't like ? Art it's the most amazing part if me.Art can be created with different things, like painting ,drawing , and working with collage is most amazing part about art. Like making Peace of art Endangered Species Collage , is amazing because you spend a lot of time to draw it and creat it . Everyone loves animals , and this is the best pease of art that made really sense to me . Whenever we go to college , we will always remember those days. It's like I made that peace of art when I was in high school, and it's amazing to see what people create as they grow older.There is no such a thing as art that makes people happy and actually understanding.
Radnor Football Field/collage.this. This sketchbook was made by hand, I used white paper ,I colored the paper and then I cut them in peases. I used many different colored markers to creator this football field.I didn't know what to create for my sketchbook cover and I thought about some ideas , I thought that I am a cheerleader why not make a football field it would make sense it was a lot of work but it worth it.
Wild Eagle/ collage , and spray paint I created movement in the background by making it full of designs. When you look at the background, it makes your eyes move throughout the composition, and that's what makes my Eagle look so wild.
Believe in yourself/ paint and alcohol This tile was created with different,color and and all of those colors were spread around the tile with alcohol to make it so pretty and colorful it makes eye attraction with glitter and those colors, that's what make it pretty and understanding the picture of this creation.
Book of imagination/hand made paper book Unity and Harmony is the most important part about my book, because the colors green and blue are repeated connecting everything together, that's what makes my book look so awesome.
Sugar Skull/melted crayons This Art was created with melted crayons and heating gun.I melted this amazing Skull and made it soft , whenever you touch it it has soft touch to it we used paint brushes to pain this and melt it.
I thought that this was really cool because this is shaped like 3D you can touch it, It just looks amazing. Well you can see that I used different colors, and I used clay to made shapes of my project, You can see my bicycle. I used shapes you can touch it and know what it looks like.I used balance because you can balance the bicycle in the rain.
This is my weaving project I really loved it ,like this is my favorite one of all , I love doing art and use my head for good reasons. I love art because it calms me if Im Stressed .As you can see that I used different colors, different medias to create my weaving.I used texture you can touch it, because you can get bunch of different textures.I used balance because you can balance the colors mixed together.
This is a very cool experience because we never used an Altoids Box to create a project it was so cool that we got to do that. This project has everything like start from touching it, seeing it, and you can see little bit of balance because when you look at that planet it looks like it moves and the rings expand, when you touch it it feels really soft that is why I love it. This took awhile but it looks really pretty that is all that matter.
This is the best project that I've ever done because it was my choice and this was amazing to see how I can do things without worrying about what project should I do.This one was a perfect choice.I think that this was pretty cool because it was my idea and I love this project Art is everything to me.
She was looking at my work

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