Shrimping in France A Cultural Tradition

Every summer my family travels to France to visit our family on my Dad's side. Every year, we take part in a family shrimping expedition on the beaches near our house.

My family's house in France, located in Varengeville sur mer, in Haute-Normandy.

The beach is a short walk from our house, making for a great spot to hang out with our cousins. Just make sure not to set your towels too close to the eroding cliffs!

Pictured above is Charles, a good friend of mine. He lives in Varengeville.

The shrimping expeditions are often organized by Charles's family. In this picture, Charles's Dad, Louis, is walking dramatically towards the camera while appearing to act busy.

Charles's grand-uncle, Tomas, is a very good fisherman. Thanks to his expertise, the shrimping expeditions are usually successful. (Despite my brother and I's initial shortcomings at shrimping)

In the first few years of the annual shrimping expedition, my brother and I lacked any sort of skill at catching these shrimp. Over the years, we eventually learned the tricks to become successful shrimp catchers. Shrimping isn't easy!

This is the type of shrimp that is typically caught during our shrimping expeditions. Although they look small, these guys are extremely elusive and jumpy in the water.

Here are some short comic panels inspired by American Born Chinese:

Just some other photos of shrimping:

The End.

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