Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History Aaron prohaska

Nature on Display

This is my friend Alex and I at the hammock forest exhibit. This exhibit represents the hammock forests in northwest Florida. This exhibit was particularly appealing to me because of its layout is a forest and underneath is a cave that you can walk though. The room is covered with nature and dense woods that were home to many "animals" inside of it. By viewing this exhibit I learned about the hammock forests and the creates that live within it and what it looks like in real life. This was one of my favorite exhibits because my favorite part of nature is the woods.

Nature and Ethics

This photo is from the insect conservation exhibit. In this area it described why insects are so important for out ecosystem. It stuck out to me primarily because while traveling in New York City I took part of a panel which had to eat insects. They did this to show how they are nutritious and can sustain the united states with protein rather than beef and other meats. I believe this section follows the ideology of leopold as is describes and shows how insects are an important part of our ecological system. While viewing this exhibit Alex and I both were shocked at how much insects affect the ecosystem and are now more aware of their presence in our world. The entire museum gives different examples like this one of how nature affects our world. When we went to the museum there was a group of elementary school kids viewing the museum at the same time. They would make noises of shock as the teachers would describe to them different things about the nature there. The museum gives a great way for people to interact with realistic nature that allows them to lean about it easily. After viewing this museum I fell that I am more aware of the nature around me and how it affects my life.

Nature and The Human Spirit

A great example of how this museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives is the butterfly rainforest. The moment I stepped into it I felt as if I was in a different place, the atmosphere allowed me to relax and breath in the nature. In the moment it allows you to relax and be yourself. For me nature brings about a time of peace and reflection on my life. this space allowed me to do that. This small piece of nature let me imagine about the whole world and the many peaceful places like it.

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