What is CRISPR?

It is a prokaryotic DNA that can add or alter sequences of DNA. It is the most simple way to manipulate genes. This CRISPR makes a mutation in the DNA to affect in a positive or negative way.

How is it useful?

It is useful because it can control transcription of a person's RNA. It can also control when and where DNA is expressed in the body. It is very useful in human genetic engineering by altering the DNA.

Should it be used and why?

I think that CRISPR will be very effective in many ways that would help us and I think that it should be used. The endless possibilities that CRISPR presents can change how we live forever. Although there could be downsides, I still believe the upsides are too good to ignore.

Why is this interesting?

I think this is so interesting because it can create designer babies. These babies can be genetically modified by CRISPR to have super intelligence or great muscle strength. I also think that it is interesting that it could modify foods to be more resistant against plagues. It is also interesting that in the future it could possibly cure cancer and Alzheimer's.

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