PIPES International Partnership for Indigenous Peoples

PIPES International is a Christian non profit organization registered in the United States as 501 (c) (3). ​We are compelled by God’s love to extend hope to communities that are faced by intense challenges of extreme poverty in the heart of Africa. We serve indigenous people groups, marginalized and low income communities in Africa to help provide opportunities and hope through education, health awareness, resettlement programs, small businesses development, food security, and missions and outreach programs.

Summer Missions: Volunteers serving food to families in DR Congo

PIPES International is dedicated to working with Bambuti community and other indigenous and marginalized people groups by extending opportunities and hope through tackling the causes of abject poverty and historical injustices. Our aim is to alleviate poverty by empowering communities and initiating sustainable socio-economic programs.Currently our efforts concentrated among the forest people in the most remote corners of DR Congo where there is no help.

Samuel with a group of Bambuti Pygmies Women

Based on the present needs in Congo, Rwanda and Kenya, we are currently involved in Education; Food & Nutrition; Agriculture; Family Resettlement; Health, Water & Sanitation and Community Development Programs among the Bambuti communities in DR Congo. Our efforts are extended to Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi.

In our EDUCATION PROGRAM, we currently have a school in a little town near Goma with over 600 children who come to learn and receive a daily meal at the school.

Now for the first time, the pygmies can attend school within their community, learn and participate in the classroom setting just like every other child. From our observation, the little pygmies appreciate the presence of a teacher, which makes a whole difference in their learning experience.

Our FOOD & NUTRITION program provides a balanced meal to students and their families in the communities that we serve.

The Food and Nutrition Program contributes to the improvement of the food and nutritional status of populations in DR Congo, Rwanda and Kenya particularly vulnerable groups. We make food easily available to individuals we serve, ensuring that its nutritious enough and well balanced to nourish their bodies.

According to statistics, in the DR Congo, less than 29% of rural inhabitants have access to drinking water, and less than 31% have adequate sanitation facilities.

Our Health, Water & Sanitation program provides clean water and proper sanitation systems for the communities we serve


In DR Congo, PIPES International provides training for farmers, tools and supplies to enable farmers grow healthier foods and add value to their produce. Today many indigenous families are capable of feeding their own families.


Our Community Development initiative seeks to strengthen and empower communities on the individual and collective level to foster human values, sustain peace, and develop families, communities and individuals in DR Congo, Rwanda and Kenya

Above all, we spread the word of God through our ministry, reaching every individual with the Love of Christ.



Missions are a broader extension of our international outreach at PIPES. We believe that we are called to serve the marginalized and under resourced in our local and global communities simultaneously. Are you interested in joining us for a Mission Trip? Click on the link below and fill in our contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Join us or support our missions and outreach program

Feel free to click on the link below and learn more about our Missions and Outreach Program. You can also sign up to volunteer at PIPES or JOIN us on a Mission trip to Africa.

You can also partner with us through your generous donations.

Visit our website www.pipesinternational.com to DONATE today!

PIPES International programs are supported by the generous donations of individuals, families, churches, corporates, and organizations. PIPES International is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, registered in the United States. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.


To enhance the transformation witnessed through the work of PIPES International, please consider making a donation today.Your gift will make a significant difference and impact in the lives of individuals and communities in East and Central Africa.

Network for Good makes it easy and secure for you to support PIPES International, anywhere online. ​

Please consider sending larger donations by mail to avoid fees. If you would like to mail in your contribution, please make checks or money orders payable to PIPES International and send them to the address below:

​PIPES INTERNATIONAL,904 Altavia Drive, Hazelwood, Missouri, 63042, USA

Your donation makes a difference! Thank you for your support. Every dollar we receive goes to changing lives. We take your gifts seriously, and we make every effort to maximize your investment in our organization. ​



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