The Black Death Impending doom approaches

Millions of people died in Europe, crapton right? Well actually one third of all of Europe died. So think about that, about one out of three people died in Europe. The Black Death is also known as the bubonic plague.
Lots of people punished themselves, since back then they thought that god was giving them a punishment. They did this to say that they were sorry.
This is what it looked like.
This is the plague doctor. Plague doctors look like this and have all of the following in this picture.
This is all of the effects that occur if you have the plague. From swellings all the way to Death!
There were many labor shortages so lots of people had to move because of how many deaths occurred.
The plague started in the 14th century, left then came back, left and now it is super rare. Thank god it's not like it used to.

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