wage inequality in the 21st century axel / 2017

The gender wage gap: The difference in earnings between male and female.

Income inequality has been an issue since the 1960's, when more females than ever were entering the paid workforce. This caused an increase in the dissatisfaction among women regarding great pay differences in gender. Slowly, Americans started to accept the basic objectives of the feminists of the '60's.

Now in the 21st century, the wage gap is considered a main issue among millennials. Modern feminism strives for equality like it always has.

For every dollar a white male earns:

  • A black male earns 75%
  • A hispanic male earns 67%
  • A white female earns 78%
  • A black female earns 64%
  • A hispanic female earns 54%

Because of the differences, protests and strikes around the world have been organized over the years of the 21st century to demand equal pay for performing equal work for everyone.

How do we fix it?

  • raising the federal minimum wage
  • passing the additional wage equality legislation
  • speaking out against the wage gap
  • encouraging everyone to help women succeed in the work place

Senator Bernie Sanders believes:

Increasing the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour would significantly boost the the wages of more than 15 million women and help close the gender wage gap.

While this is true, it'll take years for others to get on board with it. President Donald Trump recently responded to a question about equal pay (Skip video to 2:10).

The majority of misogynists often confuse equal pay for greed. They assume women want same pay for doing less work, but that's not the case. The intention is earning equal pay for performing the equivalent work. The gap has decreased over time since the 1960's, still it remains a problem.

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