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Hemel Electric knows that good lighting is truly everything. We have a few tips and considerations to help improve the ambiance and mood of your living space. After all, when you get it right the entire look of your living area will improve!

Tuesday Tips brought to you by Hemel Electric, Lawrence KS

1. Consider ceiling height.

Knowing your ceiling height is important when selecting hanging light fixtures.

2. Know your glow.

If your walls are covered in cooler tones, you might want to warm them up with a light bulb that casts a warm glow. Conversely, you may want a cooler glow to brighten up a darker space.

3. Light up those stairs.

Staircases are often enclosed, so light them from the sides or embed lights in the risers as a design element.

4. Toe-kick lighting.

Strip lighting at the underside of base cabinets is a great way to create a night light that looks fabulous.

5. Don’t shy away from color.

Putting a light fixture in a bright hue in an otherwise simple room can add some fun and interest to the space.

6. Be decorative.

Adding lights as decorative elements helps set a mood in a space. Using lights instead of wall art, can be a decorative way to provide ambient lighting.

7. Table hopping.

When hanging a light over a table or a kitchen island, 28 to 34 inches is the recommended distance from the bottom of the light to the surface of the table or island.

8. Get your swag on.

If you are adding new pendant lighting, cord swags can be a stylish solution. Swag them loosely over a bar or a hook or secure the cord tight to the ceiling for an industrial look.

9. Turn it up.

Depending on the location, consider wall sconces or uplighting to create a softer ambiance and avoid potentially harshdownlighting that can cast ominous shadows.

10. Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

Energy efficient- Under cabinet lighting saves energy. Lighting specific areas of a room eliminates the need to light the entire room.

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