Passive Objects Alexis Fernando gonzalez-Perez

In 1949 Simone De Beauvoir wrote a novel called "The Second Sex". Through this book, Simone De Beauvoir became known for being one of the most important female icons of her era.

The eldest daughter in a middle class family, De Beauvoir was raised strictly Catholic. She was sent to convent schools during her youth and was so devoutly religious that she considered becoming a nun.
However, at the age of 14, the intellectually curious De Beauvoir had a crisis of faith and declared herself an atheist. She thus dedicated herself to the study of existence, shifting her focus instead to math, literature and philosophy.
From Her being an existentialist, She asked her question, "To make oneself an object, To make oneself passive, Is a very different thing from being a passive object."
Being passive and being an object are two different things because when you're an object, you are allowing yourself to be used, but when you're passive, you accept consequences for other peoples actions without having a say. Being a passive object is also a completely different thing as well because when your a passive object you become someone who is being used to accept the consequences of people's actions without resistance.
Albert Camus is the writer of the Novel, The stranger. In his novel, he has his main character, Meursault's mother pass away in the beginning. This affected Meursault in the matter that he saw life as irrelevant. Meursault didn't know how to react to his mother dying so he was in a state of shock.
Meursault's actions at the beginning of the book end up affecting him at the end of the book. At the end of the book, Meursault shoots an Arab man because the sun was in his eyes.
During his case, Meursault became passive because his lawyer was speaking for him and Meursault didn't speak up for himself. This led to Meursault getting the death sentence.
People may argue that being passive and being an object are the same because the two are saying that you are a tool that people can use. People can also argue that being a passive object is the same thing just because you are just combining the two words doesn't give them a different meaning.


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