What is happening at the moment at RASA when everyone is home?

It's not about going out , neither is it about staying in, it is about understanding what is required of us at that moment , and to play each role to perfection. Be it the role of the person who steps out or the one who stays in, the Theatre Arts Experience at RASA allows us to savor the role and requirement of the moment as just another scene in the play called Life , and therefore enjoy it fully. So it is that the lockdown has thrown up many opportunities at RASA, we have learnt to "work from home" in a beautiful manner. Videos of activities shared joyously on WhatsApp, music lessons offered on Skype, stories told, yoga practiced, responsible reports shared after the tasks are done - Its togetherness for all. This is RASA for you

With prayers all along for the world to be healthy and safe

- Dr Ambika Kameshwar, Director RASA

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