Natures Treasure Cove Stained Glass Mosaics

I've been in the handcrafted business most of my life. I have been hand making products to sell for years and I work in several mediums. First I'm a decorative painter I've worked with paints for years and taught classes for a while at the local Michael's Craft Store. I mostly work in acrylics, painting still life and custom signs to order and painted furniture but in later years started to work in pen and ink with oils and I enjoy that medium as well. As time went on I tried my hand at stained glass mosaics and love working with the beautiful rich colors of the glass. Then of late, I decided to start working in clay so now I'm making jewelry, these are pieces made of cold porcelain clay which opens the door to another realm of creativity. The clay is so versatile and allows me to make anything from beautiful floral designs to silly whimsical designs.

I'm a framer by trade, working at the Ben Franklin store years ago and then the St. Mary's Crafts and Framing until it closed. Over the last few years, I've gotten involved in promoting American made products and promoting local artists and craftsmen. Researchers have found a profound economic impact of spending your money in your town, when you spend your money in your community more of your money stays within your town. That means those purchases are twice as efficient in keeping the local economy alive. When you make a purchase from local artists that money goes to pay utility bills or groceries and makes the circle right here in your hometown. This means more revenue and more jobs, something our country needs more of.

I'm fairly new to the world of stained glass mosaics and I truly enjoy the glorious rich colors and textures of the glass. Working with textured glass is not always easy but well worth it.

I love color.
My stained glass can be displayed outdoors as well as indoors.
Iridescent Blues and Purple Water Glass Mosaic
Our Maryland Flag is so popular , I didn't know if I could do it justice but I'm happy with the end result.
Ocean waves soothe the soul.
A few of my clay designs.


Natures Treasure Cove

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