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Last year Create Development was delighted to announce its new partnership with Excellence First Education Consultancy (EFEC), a highly respected educational consultancy specialising in creating sustainable educational partnerships between China and the UK.

The partnership is based on our shared vision of providing what's best for schools and children in terms of teaching and learning. We both understand that we are stronger together with a great balance of knowledge and skills. Create's partnership with EFEC allows us to work together to support schools in China with sustainable methods of teaching.

Why bring real PE to China?

China is a big advocate of learning from each other, is very open to sharing best practice and values physical activity. Every child experiences physical activity every day through a whole school morning exercise session. It is also the only subject in China requiring data to be submitted to the Government. This data includes physical testing results, for example, the distance a child can jump. We believe we can add value by sharing experiences to develop a broader holistic approach that continues to build on their strengths to support every child to achieve their full potential.

real PE is quite the opposite of the traditional approach. It is a unique, child-centred approach that transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge EVERY child. It is increasingly acknowledged that high quality teaching, coaching and learning within PE and Sport is characterised by a broad, holistic approach, which identifies the key abilities children need to be successful both within PE and Sport and across the curriculum. This approach recognises that PE and Sport is a fantastic vehicle not only to improve health and fitness but also to develop a range of personal, social, physical, cognitive and creative abilities that transfer outside the sporting environment. Such ‘abilities’ help align PE and Sport with whole school aims and other key agendas by making it more inclusive and more than just about physical abilities and sport specific skills.

real PE China

Since real PE was introduced to Chinese schools it has been going from strength to strength in two provinces: Zhe Jiang and Jiangsu. With a combined population of over 134 million (Zhe Jiang's population of 79 million is greater than that of the United Kingdom) real PE is already having a positive impact on thousands of children:

319 real PE trained teachers

180 schools using the real PE approach

A positive impact on almost 10,000 children

Managing Director, Ronnie Heath, and Director of Innovation, John Parsons, visited China in March with EFEC to see how real PE is being received in schools. They were very impressed with the results. The impact it is making was very evident and they could see the children's creativity and ownership of their learning increasing.

"The collaborative work with EFEC in China is helping us reach out to a truly international audience, sharing the Create experience and helping us take and develop real PE to whole new levels. The feedback from Local Partners, universities and schools in China has been incredible, paving the way to invest and expand the project." Ronnie Heath

An additional benefit to the partnership is that Chinese schools are now very interested in linking up for reciprocal visits with our schools in the United Kingdom to share best practice.

Since this article was written another province, Anhui, has requested that their PE teachers be trained in the real PE approach.

Watch this space for more exciting news...

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