Midterm By: Finn Kirkpatrick

Client Projects


WAVELINES: This piece was done for my client aka my dad. Originally, I made the logo (in Photoshop) because me and all the other employees at Wavelines watched and loved "Stranger Things" so I made a "Wavelines" version. However, my dad liked it and wanted to turn it into a tee shirt. So I had to remake the logo in Illustrator, because the way my dads screen printer uses illustrator. There isn't a tutorial for Illustrator so I just made by looking at the other one. I learned that its much harder without a tutorial, and that when you print on tee shirts you don't use Outer/Inner glows or any effects just the text.

WALL OF FAME: This Project was for my client Mr. Demendonca. I used multiple programs to make this. First, I used Photoshop to mask all the extra images seen (Eagles, Fireworks, Hat, Duct tape, Cheeseburgers, and cheedogs) Then I moved to Adobe InDesign to create the poster. I used alignment tools to organize all the photos and text tools to add names. With this particular client there wasn't a lot of guidance or rules to follow, meaning I had a lot of creative freedom. So I didn't learn much from working with this client, however, I did refresh myself on how to use InDesign and Photoshop masking. I also learned that you cant put guns on school posters (the original had guns)

Personal Projects

CAST: This piece was my first of many vector based drawings. I like this style because it is very simple. I used Illustrator to create this one. I used the pencil tool to trace a pre existing image. I learned that with only a few shapes, and colors you can make people very recognizable.
TRUMPS IN TOWN: I created this piece because of the recent inauguration or Donald J. (jackass) Trump. This was created in Adobe Illustrator. I made both Trump and The White House with the pencil tool. Then I downloaded a stamp like font and typed the words "Trumps In Town" Next I created a box around it using the fonts "i" in order to give it a stamp like feel. I wanted it to look like a "VETO'" stamp. I learned that Create Outlines is very useful and that Trump doesn't look the same without a stupid look on his face.
JOHN DENVER: This project was a John Denver Tribute. This is three separate pieces that I threw into a collage. The first, (top left) was based on the song "Rocky Mountain High." Second, (top right) was based on the song "Take Me Home Country Roads." Third, (bottom) is based on the song "Leaving on a Jet Plane." All of these were drawn with the pencil tool from scratch. As you can tell the detail progressed throughout the pieces. There were multiple times when I wanted to quite on the last one but I persisted through and I'm glad because I think it came out nicely. I learned that giving flat images depth of field is hard, but do-able.


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