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A promotion for HBO's Watchmen.

Bus stops in NY Times Square and Downtown LA were converted over with an AR 'window'. When triggered, a warning would appear and then squid would start raining down from the sky on the people and cars passing by when viewed through the 'window' - a tv screen with cameras on the back. Squid would also splat on the window and slide down it, leaving slime trails. To see this in action, click on the link to Next Reality's article about our promotion located below.

Squid render tests for the static squid used in the promotion.

Static squid renders. These were used to fall from the sky and splat on people, cars, objects and the ground. The static squid are of my own design, based on the tv squid. For the promotion we used both versions, my squid and the squid I converted over from the HBO model and texture assets.

This video was used for the 'window squid'. For this, I converted the tv squid models and textures over to Maya and Substance Painter for use in Unity to animate and render. I made the vfx and final video in After Effects. The blue in this video represents transparency in order to see the static squid falling in the background.

Next Reality article and video on the Watchmen AR Shelter promotion. This shows one of the actual bus stops that was set up with our AR promotion.



My original squid design, later replaced with the one eyed version.


ERH: Alamo Edition Augmented Reality Products

The cannon shown with one of the high resolution textures I remade in Substance Painter for rendering in the book shown below. They needed to be higher resolution than what we used in the AR apps in order to print well.
As seen in the video above, for this scene I created doors that blew apart when a cannon fired on them.


Initial testing for the Gettysburg project. Environments generated from USGS data for accuracy, used splatmaps, Unity's dynamic terrain, object LODs, panos, object culling and alpha card, object placement to limit overdraw and terrain sculpting in Unity for details.
DoomWheel Model
DoomWheel main player vehicle model.

NFL Tour

First image is a hotel model built for use in Tiger Woods. The rest of the images are renders of occlusion models used to generate art for the game cover of NFL Tour. I designed, built, set the cameras and rendered the models for the concept team to make the final image shown here.
Scene I created for NFL Tour in it's original design phase. Besides generating the look for the game, this was a test to see if it was possible for me to effectively generate mud effects, water effects, ground surfaces and even chain link variations using only textures in a layered shader.

NASCAR Environments - video

Superman Returns

Superman Returns - First two images show a machine at the core of the Auto Factory which I did the texturing on. The next image is an elevated cylindrical computer console which I modeled and textured. The next two images are smaller computer consoles which I modeled and textured based on the concept art shown. The sixth image is a robotic arm with swappable which I designed, built and textured. The final image shows a blimp with gondolas I designed, built and textured.
Daily Planet Exterior - Superman Returns
Superman Returns - Daily Planet Exterior. I modeled and textured this based off various images and concept art from the movie.
Daily Planet Interior - Superman Returns
Superman Returns - Daily Planet Interior. I modeled, textured and did the lighting for this based on plans and sections from the movie set and photos and video from the film.
Lex's Yacht Interior - Superman Returns
Superman Returns - Lex's Mansion and Yacht. I remodeled both of these from the movie assets, textured and lit them and created the hedge.

Superman Returns Cinematics - select videos that show off the environments/spaces I created for the game as well as some of what I worked on in generating the cinematic scenes.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary

Non-character models for Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary.

Character and Organic Models and Animations

Raptor Eater - updated model with full body - video.

Doomwheel - background

DoomWheel - A video of a few of the characters, animations and objects I created for DoomWheel.

Boulder Dash - Environment and Lens Freeze

Boulder Dash - A video of some of the characters and animations I created for the game.

Character models for Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary.
Tiger Woods - Several of the Environments I created for the game.

Tiger Woods Courses

Tiger Woods - A few shots from some of the courses I worked on. I was also responsible for all the vegetation, wear on the course and overall look of each course that went into the game.

2D Art

Digital and Acrylic painting samples of work I have done.
In playing around with pictures I had taken of the Moon, I discovered that the 'wobble' of the Moon over time was enough to generate a stereoscopic image as seen above.