Butterfly Exhibit victoria ford

The butterfly exhibit was my favorite part of the museum. It was such an amazing exhibit because you were truly immersed and could not only learn about butterflies but see them and interact with them. The exhibit was set up so that you walked along a winding path through the butterflies and could observe them feeding and flying. I think it was such an amazing exhibit because you were able to observe the butterflies and let your natural curiosity formulate questions. You could then ask the staff your questions and learn about the butterflies. I really enjoyed that your curiosity and observations led you through the exhibit.

There were so many different kinds of butterflies in the exhibit. There were beautiful flowers and greenery, the sound of running water and of course butterflies everywhere. It was so peaceful I stayed for two hours photographing the butterflies and plants. While I was there I met a little girl named Esmeralda. She was with her family at the exhibit. She was probably about five or six. I loved watching her light up every time she saw a butterfly. She would come find me every time she found a new one. I love that nature can excite us and connect us regardless of age, gender, background, etc. For that reason I think it is imperative that we care for and preserve nature, it is something that unifies us all.

I personally love photography. When I am taking pictures I feel relaxed and connected to the subject of my photos. I find that photographing nature really helps me connect to nature as well as appreciate its beauty. I loved this opportunity to feel connected to nature during my time in the butterfly museum. There were so many amazing sights I wanted to get a picture of everything. Taking this time at the museum helped me take a breather from the stress of my everyday tasks and relax. Taking time like this is essential to better understanding ourselves and the world around us.

All photos have been captured and edited by Victoria Ford (Me)

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