U.S. Military I'm mainly for AirForce but that's cause my family's branch!!!

I'm a Trevino and to lot of people that mean nothing, but. It mean a lot to me, I have 3 brother and I'm the only girl. So I was raised as another son. I've always want to help people because something that happened when I was born. But I couldn't tell you why my brothers joined or are about to join the AirForce. So I hope & believe that my parents are proud of us. In about 5 years I'll join the AirForce.

To tell you the truth I'm not that respectful. I do try and I hope it will be built into my DNA one day.
Lot of people don't notice if a war is going on or not. I remember when I was in class and my Teacher said "There is a war going on and you sit in the sits your in, acting like nothing happening but it war. Be respectful and honor the actions of your soldiers who let us take advantage of life. Especially on the days that honor them."
Have you heard of Military Discount? I watch a video, where a soldier asked if a place had "Military Discount" and the lady behind him say he think he's entitled and that he's rude. But he gave he rights as a citizen up to protect his country and the people. (Think of it like this their Military propert not citizens of the America.) So if they get some food or whatever they buy cheaper so what they are saving your life and keeping it where you still have rights.
No matter what once a soldier always a soldier. They protect your country honor them, and respected them for they risk their life, for "the people"
"All gave some, some gave all." Lot of people don't know it mean and so I'm going sum it up. Every soldier come home different be it physically or mentally or maybe they don't come home at all. It's sad but if a fact and then some.

Honor, Respect?

I say these words a lot. That's because of one thing I don't know how you see a soldier some people think "killers" or "heros." And that a point of view, there's always the "good guys" and the "bad guys." And in away everyone is both.

I see a soldier as hero. (I don't care the branch that their in. Every branch thinks their the best and I get that.) So I see a soldier as someone to respected as they live and honored when they die.

Also lot of you probably don't know how to honor them. I don't mean go join the Military to honor them. When someone honors someone it's always different then how others do it. Some of you, if you think honestly joining is the only way you can honor them than do it, if you want. But if you don't think that you than don't. If blogging about them or praying or whatever you do. It can be as simple as teacher history or even just not taking what you have for granite.

For those who couldn't come home to their loved ones. If you lost someone never forget how much they loved you and their country.
  • To those whom disagree whatever that's your view I just want other people to know that they aren't bad people and they earned want they get be it a Discount or Whatever.
  • Did you know that it's not safe for American to leave the country so it's most definitely not safe for the soldiers yet they still do it.

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