CHANGING JIMMY By young thug ft lil wayne

One winter afternoon, Jimmy was playing with Baxter in the back yard when he started to feel very drained. "Boy its hot Baxter! Lets go see why!" Jimmy exlaimed. Jimmy couldn't understand why it would be so warm in a cold part of the year.

When Jimmy got to his living room he jumped on the laptop and started to search why on earth it was so hot in winter. He stumbled across many long articles and boring reports but he managed to break it down pretty well.

The next day Jimmy was prepared to go to school and spread the word about what was happening. He told all his friends that about this thing called "Climate Change". He explained that all the pollution from our cars and the factories in the world give off a gas that gets trapped over the clouds and floats above us, which makes us and everything arund us hot.

The boys in the play ground didnt really listen to Jimmy very much, they all just wanted to play ball games in the very hot weather! By the end of lunch all the boys were pink in the face from sunburn!

Although the boys werent very interested, the girls were! They were shocked by what Jimmy told them and began to write little rhymes and songs about climate change.

Soon enough, almost every girl in the school wa doing the same thing. Jimmys word had spread very quickly and everyone was upset about what Climate change could do.

Sally was especially upset because she found out that climate change hurt the polar bears and penguins by melting their homes, but Jimmy quickly cheered her up again.

Suzie was shocked when she found out that the trees were getting cleared so quickly!

Eventually, Jimmy got all the boys to understand aswell by explaining to them why they were getting so warm in the cold months!

Jimmy showed us that just one person can make a huge difference!

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