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Congrats to 8th Grade!
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Cocoa powder is blended in with eggs, cream, vanilla, and sugar to make chocolate ice cream.
National Doughnut Day was officially established in 1938!
Let's go ride a bike!
Celebrate running!
You are amazing!
Get out and explore!
5 servings a day!
The longest-lasting paper airplane flight flew 29.2 seconds.
With tap dance, the dancer is the musician and the shoes are the instrument!
Shine Bright Like A Diamond!
Over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year.
Bees have 5 eyes and can fly about 20 mph!
Get outside and scoot!
There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's!
Sometimes the cobbler is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, too!
Dance Party!
The phrase “as American as apple pie” has been used since the early 1900s.
In 1886, fudge was sold at a local Baltimore grocery store for 40 cents a pound.
What will you eat today?
Golf Was Invented in Scotland!
You need to make a buzzing sound with your lips in order to play the tuba.
Did you know cacao trees can live to be 200 years old?
The Mexican Army Beat Crazy Odds!
Yoda's species has never been given a name.
Did you know that they have fingerprints?
California is the world's largest producer for raisins!
The YKK zipper company makes 46% of the zippers used today.
Who is your favorite Superhero?
First message was sent over 40 miles!
With or without salt?
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