Service Learning Project Seton Hill University, Graphic Design III, Dhiraj Totwani

Jeannette Business Association was our client for Graphic Design III Service Learning Project. JBA provided us with information on Jeannette and their expectations from our designs. They told us that they wanted to portray the feeling of modern, young, and blooming.

We were shown examples of previous works that were done for the Greensburg District. The process of creation then began and we started creating ideas and sketches after this meeting.

I spent over 12 hours of cumulative work time on the Service Learning Project and I came up with 3 solid design concepts. I spent about 3 hours worth of meeting time with the clients, and 1 hour designing the presentation.

The project was helpful in creating an understanding of how to work with clients in general. The clients we meet have their own ideas and perspective they would like to see in their designs. Although, they might not be the best ideas or opinions, as a designer I have to take into consideration their views and opinions to create the best possible design.

The project has allowed be to subdue my personal opinions over the clients, and allow them to show me what they are looking for in a design. I have also learnt that clients may not like the design's you like the most and you have to do your best to work with that. I have also learnt that by giving more options you can confuse the client. The challenges I faced while working alone on a project were slim to none, but the benefits were that I had more control of how I wanted the design to look.

The programs I used for the project are Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Final Designs & Sketches for Jeannette Business Association by Dhiraj Totwani
Created By
Dhiraj Totwani

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