Devil's Dirt A Composting Collaboration Between Agricultural Education & AP Envrionmental Science

Devil's Dirt is a collaboration between the AP Environmental Science Class of Mr. Bret Norman and the Agricultural Education Department headed by Mrs. Constance Reid.

Students in AP Environmental Science will create a school wide campaign through fliers and videos advertising the benefits of composting. The Agricultural Education department will construct a composting bin for the project.

Students from both departments will supervise compost collection cans in the lunch room for the first month of the program-educating students on what can and cannot be composted. Students from both departments will also take turns managing collection and rotating of the compost pile.

Once the compost has broken down into nutrient rich compost, students from both departments will package and market the compost to the community as a small fundraiser for both programs.

Projected Cost

Instructional Uses

Justification and Concerns of Costs for Greenhouse:

* Request for 30 x 60 size -- To allow for classroom instruction and activities

*To allow space for multiple activities – crops to use for Farm to School, Horticulture Instruction and FFA Plant Sale fundraiser, experiments in Environmental Science

*To allow space for storage of materials, potting bench and potting work station, future addition of aquaponics/hydroponics unit

* Insuring OSHA Compliance – Storing of chemicals, limited access and

Security; desire to use “educational greenhouse” companies that have proven records with school systems.

Projected Opportunities with Fundraising and Continuation of Cost and Upkeep:

* Sell of “Devil’s Dirt” bags of compost materials to community

* Seasonal community plant and vegetable sales to community

($5000 annually)

* Vegetable sales to School Nutrition Department for use in school


* Vegetable sales to community

* Possible grant opportunities through Farm to Table initiative.

Pricing Considerations:

Installation by company vs county

Facility vs accessories


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