Cheesiest Phony You'll Ever Meet Josh reitz

Aaron Rodgers is such a phony. Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and all, big-time millionaire, just makes me want to puke. You’ll always see him on the television, saying how these guys are the best, these guys have the nicest food, these guys have the best prices, when everybody knows it’s really some lousy corporation in a marketing lull. Those commercials drive me crazy. I turn off the goddamn television immediately if I see his charming smile and cheesehead hat.

I know he just does it for the money, I really do. But if I was ever a bigshot millionaire, and some corporate lawyer told me he’d make me a billionaire if I endorsed his phony product, I’d tell him, “Hell no!” There’s no way I’d put on a funny-looking smile and give a corny testimony just for another zero in my bank account and two more Cadillacs to impress all the other phonies. No kidding, I really would.

One of the aides here wears his Packer jersey and cheesehead hat every Sunday. Every morning I overhear him talking about how great Rodgers and the Packers are this year.

“He said he’s gonna run the table, and he’s doing it. I can’t believe it.” Complete fool.

You can tell he’s been good for a long time from how arrogant he is. Any time he loses a few games, the reporters ask him what he’s gonna do. Then, all suave and cool, he’ll say how they’re gonna “run the table”, and all the phonies will eat it up. Well, you see what happens when his beloved Packers play a halfway decent offense--a 44-21 loss yesterday. I got a big kick out of that.


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