Pua lei hua 'a'ole pilikia

Mission Statement

We are here to make sure that everybody lives a happy and fun life. We will provide a relaxing and safe environment and a bunch of activities you can do to have a good time!


1. you have to take surfing lessons (free)

2. you have to go hiking twice a week

3. always have a positive attitude

4. have to go to the beach everyday

5. if you hurt an animal, you get severely punished (except for cats)

6. parties everyday

7. no wearing shoes inside

8. you can't wear dark clothes, no goths

9. you have to love music

10. you have to be sexy-hot


Our utopia is located in Ni'ihau. We chose Ni'ihau because it is an island forbidden to the outside world. We didn't want to be disturbed by the outside world, we wanted our own society.

A Typical Day

First, you would wake up and go for a morning surf. After that you would normally hang out with friends or family/ free time. You then have one hour of school, but no assignments. Then more free time. Then when it becomes night, that's when the party starts, there is no curfew. During the day you can do things like waterfall jumping, hiking, zip lining, scuba diving, more surfing, shopping, boating, fishing, swimming with dolphins, etc.


Our community is a democracy because everybody that lives here gets together and comes up with ideas on what the rules should be and then everybody agrees on a few. Mostly Seth and I will be the leaders. We will come up with most of the rules and be in charge of the rule making meetings. We also host most of the parties.

You should come live here!

You should come live here in Pua lei hua because it is so much fun! You will have the time of your lives here and never get bored! There is always something to do. There are also many stores to shop at and many places to stay. Everyone is very friendly and happy so you will make a lot of friends! A'ole pilikia!

Things to do here!


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