Alternative powered vehicles Hemp power

Question 1 investigate and create a list of power sources that could be used to power a vehicle or some other device. Ensure you consider a wide range of options

Question 1 investigate and create a list of power sources that could be used to power a vehicle or some other device. Ensure you consider a wide range of options

Air power the air pod as seen in the photo has a zero pollution promise as it runs on compressed air it is currently the biggest company in the air powered car seance and costs a total of $10 000 American dollars
Fossil fuel is currently the most widely used source of power although damaging to the earth
Battery powered vehicles are an upcoming power supply although floored in many ways such as short mileage the parts being shipped still has pollution involved and the electricity you power the car with is most likely coil energy
Bio power is the use of bio based polermers and natural fibres in the powering of vehicular transport
Hemp power an affordable reliable rentable energy source most of the research in this subject is based in Canada because of the governments excepting nature of the research
Nuclear power ford was the closest exsample of a nuclear powered vehicle thay had a half sized concept of it before scraping it in the 50s
Solar power is a type of power that requires a learning experience due to the fact that multiple gages must be monitored at all times
2. Choose one of the following. Explain how this form of power could be harnessed to provide a vehicle with an alternative power source.

The way hemp power at least in vehicular transport would work is not only by the power source of the vehicle itself it could also be used as the structure of the car and mitireal the car is built from. To start with I will speak about the use of it as a fuil I will only bring up problems and solutions relavent to the current topic. The use of hemp as a fuil is not a new consept as it was used up to 1920 when it was outlawed and fossil fuel replaced it the easy availability of hemp seeing it grows in 180 days and in exstremly large patches because thay can be planted so close together and can be planted almost anywhere meaning you could grow you own fuil. Another amazing benefit to hemp fuil it's going to be exstremly cheap due to availability. Now onto its use as a mitireal hemp is one of the worlds strongest mitireals when whoven it is 10x stronger than steel and whays much less to the point where a car could way 50kg and becose of this it is exstremly low whate it means grate fuel efficiency.

3.Describe your proposed alternative powered vehicle. Include photo videos and relevant diagrams
My original idea has been drastically changed and improved to improve functionality and ease of use and is now completely different the original disign was almost unusable because of several disign flaws
Using a SWOT analyst I released that my vehicle has a lot more positives and negatives then I had originally anticipated
The idea of hemp power is not new it was a consept introduced by Henry ford the only reason these were not mass produced was because of laws being introduced at its relece
4. Analyse and evaluate your disign and your disign progress using a SWOT analytics
5.Develop an action plan for creating your alternate powered vehicle. This can be presented in flow chart form.

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